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How Elite Occasions and their new arrivals won me over to jumpsuits


Up until recently I was in two minds when it came to Jumpsuits. I don’t think I’m being immodest when I say I was sure I could wear one without looking like an over-stuffed sausage. But somehow they seemed too extreme for me. I could see that some women looked stylish and elegant in them, but I just couldn’t visualise ever buying one myself.

That was before I discovered Elite Occasions, the online fashion shop for women that stocks a range of jumpsuits that looked so good that they finally overcame my doubts, just in time for the summer holidays.

That period just before the holidays has always been a trying time for me, if I’m being honest. I work all week and the only time I can into the shops is the weekends, when I seem to end up sharing the changing room facilities with half the adult female population of Great Britain. Among that throng, with the queues growing and the sales assistants constantly run off their feet, I have to fight down the urge to just buy something and get out of the way. That’s no state of mind to be in when you’re buying clothes, or anything for that matter. The desire not to get in the way and to be the sort of nice girl who thinks of others before herself is too strongly set in me, and it has led to me making some pretty bad choices in the past.

But I don’t need to worry about that anymore, thanks to Elite Occasions. Not only do they stock a great range, including many items that are not available elsewhere, especially on their new arrivals page which nearly always has something new and eye-popping on it but they are an online store. Think of it. I can buy my summer-wear, including a jumpsuit if I so choose, from the relaxed comfort of my own home. Because I am at home, I can take my time and use my brain and I don’t need to worry about getting in someone else’s way. Then, after Elite Occasions have delivered it free to my door, I can try it on carefully, with only the mirror to see how I look.

Elite Occasions really do stock a great range, like I said before, and they also stock great quality. On their website they explain that they don’t go in for bulk buys but encourage their buyers to cast their net far and wide to find trendy, fashionable looks. In fact having Elite Occasions on hand is like having your own little fashion place open twenty four hours a day and you as the only customer.

But back to jumpsuits. Naturally Elite Occasions had a great selection for me to choose from and, as usual, there was some amazing stuff on the new arrivals page. I scrutinised them at length, bearing in mind all those common sense rules that women who aren’t fashion models have to bear in mind whenever they buy anything.

So, did I want to go for a solid colour or a print? It’s a matter of taste of course, and there was plenty to choose from on the Elite Occasions website. Naturally I’m inclined towards dark neutral colours. With a print I would go for a small pattern, being small myself and inclined to be worried about being swamped and it looking like the jumpsuit was wearing me rather than vice versa.

Then again, what sort of jumpsuit? It was for a holiday to somewhere hot. Would dark natural really be a good idea, or would it make me look like a well-dressed plumber? Perhaps a print was the best idea after all. And what sort of cut was I after? figure hugging and sophisticated or sporty and comfortable? In fact, might it not be a good idea to buy two jumpsuits? They all looked really good on the Elite Occasions website.

I did all this thinking quietly while I was at home. That’s another advantage of Elite Occasions. I’m not the kind of person who easily walks out of a shop without making a purchase. It goes back to that good girl training that my mum gave me. I always feel rather funny walking out of a shop without at least one of their bags in my hand. But no-one is ever going to give me a funny look at Elite Occasions. They are just going to help me find trendy clothes at reasonable prices, at my convenience, and then deliver them right up to my door, free. You can’t ask for better than that.

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