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How Elite Occasions and their new arrivals page solved my swimwear shopping problems


Some things have to be 100% right well in advance, and swimwear is one of them. When you are on the beach or in the water, then it’s too late. You’ll have other things on your mind, like swimming and wondering whether you look great with wet hair and, hopefully, having fun. The time to think, and worry, about swimwear is in the dark early months of the year, when you are looking forward to the golden beaches and the blue skies and seas and picturing just how you will fit in to the earthly paradise that you are visualising.

If you are like me then you know all the strategies that are supposed to take the stress out of the build-up to shopping period. You’ve been watching your diet and visiting the gym although if you are like me, you will have been thinking about doing these things then finding you don’t have enough time and putting it off till tomorrow.

If you are like that way then you probably share my deep hatred of trying to buy bikinis or one-pieces in shops; the overcrowded, stuffy changing rooms, the overworked shop assistants, the crowds of women, all suffering like me. The internet is full of well meaning advice, none of which I can follow. Give yourself plenty of time they say, but they don’t tell me how I can make this time because I’m busy. Visit the shop when it’s not full – the best time is a weekday morning they say. Thanks, Oh wise woman, but I could have worked that one out for myself, and the reason shops aren’t busy on weekday mornings is because people are at work, and I happen to be one of those people. (Excuse the rant, but really...)

So up until recently I was resigned to the traditional shopping experience. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing in equal measure but it was the only way I knew that could equip me with things that would make me look and feel good in the sea or on the beach.

Then I heard about Elite Occasions, the online fashion store for women. Of course there are a lot of outlets where you can shop online but Elite Occasions and new arrivals are very definitely different. It’s partly a matter of the sheer quality of the material that they sell, but also to do with the range. In fact Elite Occasions pride themselves in stocking items that are not generally held in other stores, on-line or real.

This was the answer to my prayers, and if that sounds over dramatic, well perhaps you haven’t had some of the experiences I have had. But enough of unhappy recollections: Elite Occasions banished all that from my mind. All I had to do was go to their website and pore, at my leisure, over the wide range of swimwear of all types. There were sexy bikinis, bandeau bikinis, full swimsuits and anything else you might have thought about. I was particularly taken by the black and floral designs, which have always appealed to me, and also the nautical stripes, a new departure for me.

It could catch my attention because for once I had time to think and no queue of women waiting for the changing rooms. In fact, for the first time I can remember, I was able to act on that piece of priceless advice I had gleaned from the internet. Thanks to Elite Occasions, I could take my time. This, of course, was because I was making the choices in the luxury of my own home, moving my laptop from kitchen to living room to bedroom as I pondered and eventually made my choices. In fact, I slept on the matter and made my choices the next morning.

Elite Occasions deliver free to your door step, so I was then able to carry out the all important trying-on stage, again in the comfort of my home with no queues and no disapproving eyes fixed on my choice.

Though even if I had been in the busiest shop at the busiest time of the week, in the busiest week in the year, then I don’t think the items that I bought from Elite Occasions would have caused even the pickiest of eyebrows to rise above the vertical. That’s the real reason why I’m going to pick Elite Occasions and new arrivals online store in the future. The quality of what they sell is first class.

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