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How Elite Occasions and their new arrivals page made our maxi dress shopping for summer a joy instead of a chore

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Up until this year I had always had a sort of split personality about maxi dresses. I thought they looked very good on some other women but they made other ones look as if they had gone shopping at a camping store and bought a small tent instead of a dress. I liked the idea of the maxi-dress but I just somehow couldn’t put that idea into practice.

But like I said, this year was different. This year I did my summer holiday shopping online with Elite Occasions, which not only made shopping a pleasurable and relaxing experience but also introduced me to the high quality, stylish, fashionable items that this internet women’s fashion store stocks.Put simply, I bought some maxi dresses and wore them on holiday and I looked and felt great. This was thanks to Elite Occasions and also to a bit of advice given to me by my friends from work.

I suppose we make up a sort of cross section of young-ish women all over the U.K. Some of us are tall, some of us are petite, some of us on the larger side. We all have our worries about our looks but we all, in my opinion, look pretty okay when we’re scrubbed up.

We’re also agreed that we love maxi dresses. One evening we gathered at my place, with a  little wine to give us inspiration, and with Elite Occasions’ website up on several laptops and such, we got down to the business of cracking the maxi dress problem.

The first thing we agreed on is that long dresses are no longer just for formal, stuffy occasions. We had living proof of that fact on the Elite Occasions site, where divine dresses for casual occasions floated around the svelte frames of models, especially on the new arrivals page. These maxi dresses were chic at any time of the day and they looked comfortable as well, a point to bear in mind since we were all bound for hot places on our holidays, But, as someone remarked, we are not models, alas. How could we choose maxi dresses that would not make us look frumpy?

The shortest amongst us brought up the tent trap I mentioned before. She said the answer was to make sure the dress is really well cut – a dress that fits your figure snugly all the way down with no billows or loose guy-ropes. You can also, she added, wear a V-neck to make you look taller – there’s more skin on display and the silhouette is streamlined.When it came to details our smallest friend says she goes for either dark/neutral solid block colours or small or medium sized prints, preferably vertical in design.

Could we find items like that on the Elite Occasions Website? Yes, we could and the petite one spent the rest of evening trying to pick the best out of a large choice of good, trendy styles. Next up was a woman who is tall and broad-shouldered. She has been a maxi dress wearer for ages because it is the style that works best for her thighs and legs. Her problem, she told us, had been finding ways to minimise her shoulders. She thought wide straps were good for that.

When it came to prints she thought that, on balance while larger prints suited a larger frame, you were still better off with those dark neutral colours. V necks worked for larger women too, she added, and it’s a given that you want a perfect fit whatever size you are.

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